Join Vivid now—Get a 5% annual interest rate and up to 4% cashback!

Dear Customer,

We would like to remind you that Vivid Money SA (previously known as Joompay Europe SA) is discontinuing all payment services provided through the Joompay mobile application. The termination date is 20 May 2024 , when your Joompay account will be closed.

In case there are any funds left in your Joompay account please make sure to transfer out the remaining funds to a different account through your Joompay mobile app. Please note that in certain cases you may be required to pass due diligence measures to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Following the acquisition of Joompay by Vivid Money group, Vivid Money is thrilled to welcome you to open an account for free with them and offer you all their best benefits:

Enjoy a 5% annual interest rate on your cash
You’ll receive an annual interest rate of 5% by adding money to an Interest Rate Pocket for the first two months. You can deposit and withdraw money instantly 24/7.
Boost your money with up to 4% cashback
Select your favourite cashback categories like restaurants, supermarkets or pharmacies and earn up to 4% on these card purchases!
Try Vivid’s Prime subscription for free
Explore Prime’s benefits completely free of charge during the first month (higher withdrawal limits, higher cashback, etc). Choose later between a fully functional free Standard plan or staying with Prime and all its advantages.
Manage your finances seamlessly with Vivid Money
Open up to 15 Pockets with separate IBANs to organize your budget, send Instant SEPA transfers across the EU for free, issue a metal or customised Visa debit card, and so much more! Explore all Vivid’s benefits on this page .

How to open an account?

  • Download Vivid Money’s application
  • Sign up for an account by providing basic information about yourself. It takes only a few minutes!
  • Verify your identity through your app. No video call needed—do it whenever you’re ready!
That’s it. Start using Vivid Money right away!